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When I was 4 years old I moved into an apartment complex in Germantown, TN. I'll never forget it. There were two young kids close to my age out kicking a soccer ball in the middle of the apartment complex and I wanted to join in. Before that I had know idea what soccer was as my parents had grown up in the delta of Mississippi where soccer had not existed and arguably still does not exist, but non-the-less this new soccer thing was new to all of us. Seeing how much I loved the game, my dad signed me up for a rec soccer league and I'll never forget what I asked him while riding in the car to my first game. I said, "Dad, who is the greatest soccer player ever?" and the only soccer player he knew that was even remotely close to be related to soccer was PELE!

I tell people had pele been from Korea or something, I'd most likely be obsessed with Korean BBQ because from they day when I had first herad of Pele I was hooked on Brazilian culture ever since. I wanted to know everything there was to know about Pele, his playing style, where he's from, the music  his culture listens to the food they eat, all of it! Fast forward a few years after my soccer career...

"Carson grew up in Memphis, a city that knows a thing or two about barbecue. A soccer podigy, he moved to Brazil at thirteen to train with a semi-pro team, and while his soccer career did not pan out as he'd hoped, his passion for barbecue did, and he quickly became obsessed with Brazil's "churrasco" style, in which a varied mixed grill of meats, poultry and even fruits and vegetables are cooked on rotisserie skewers over open flame fires, then served tableside directly from the skewers. If you have ever been to chains like Fogo de Chao or Texas de Brazil, or the many individual churrascarias around the country, you know this unique cooking and dinning style. Carson certainly does, because he worked as a chef and server in numerous churrascarias..." - Forbes

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Creator of what Forbes calls,"The Coolest BBQ Grill Ever

Recipes by Blake Carson
 Blake Carson's Chicken n' Waffles
- Chicken

This Chicken and Waffle Recipe grilled over and open flame using a Carson Kit - Weber Genesis Gas Grill set up is the real deal Brazil!

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  • 10-20
  • Medium
  • Advanced
  • Gas
 Blake Carson's Gorgonzola Sirloin
- Steak

This Gorgonzola Glazed Top Sirloin recipe is a no brainer, lick your lips, hurry up and fire up your pits crowd pleaser that you must learn how to grill RIGHT NOW!

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  • 30 1oz Slices
  • Medium
  • Easy
  • Gas
 Blake Carson's Mint Lamb Rack
- Lamb

This Mint Rack of Lamb Recipe grilled over an open charcoal flame using a Carson Kit - Weber Kettle set up is easy and absolutely delicious! LEARN HOW RIGHT NOW!

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  • 10 Pieces
  • Medium
  • Easy
  • Charcoal