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Blake Carson's Mint Lamb Rack

Recipe Easy - Lamb

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This Mint Rack of Lamb Recipe grilled over and open flame using a Carson Kit - Weber Kettle set up is easy and absolutely delicious!

*Before you fire up the grill, do a quick equipment and ingredients check to make sure you have everything needed for this recipe?


1 Carson Kit

1 Carson Medium Skewer

A Weber 22" Kettle Grill

A large cookie sheet

A Sharp Knife (I love this knife!)

A good pair of tongs

At least 5lbs of Lump Charcoal

A Large cutting board

Sauce Pan or Small Skillet

A Basting Brush

Yield: 30 - 1oz Slices

1 Rack of Lamb

1 cup of fresh mint leaves

1/4 cup of Olive Oil

Kosher Salt

Do you have everything listed above and is all of it in fine fresh working order?

Yes - (Then proceed to getting your grill on!)

No - (Either roll with what you got or wait until you're ready to rock.)

Prep Directions

Step 1.) Light the lump charcoal inside your Weber Kettle and weight about 20 mins for the coals to get hot. You're looking for a nice campfire flame.  

Step 2.) Slice the lamb rack into between every 2nd bone.

Step 3.) Skewer through each piece between the bones like you see in slide 4.

Step 4.) Sprinkle kosher salt all over the skewered sirloin. (See slide 5)

Step 5.) Place the 1 cup of mint leaves and 1/4 cup of Olive Oil into a blender and mince well.

Step 6.) Baste the skewered lamb well on each side.

Now you're ready to spin some lamb!

Grilling Directions

Step 1.) Place loaded skewer on bottom row and let grill for about 20 minutes or until it reaches the color you see in slide 10.

*You can let the lamb sear by resting the skewer on the sear shelve for about 1 minute each side if you like.

Carving Directions

Step 1.) With the back of the knife blade slide each piece of the skewer onto a large cutting board or serve directly on to plates like they do in the Brazilian steakhouses.

Be sure to check out the quick walk through video below. 


Now remember these directions are just a guideline. Follow it as closely as you can the first few times. Once you feel you're getting more comfortable with it, then try to turn it up a bit by putting your own spin on it.

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