This Garlic Top Sirloin Potato Onion Green Bean Wrapped In Bacon Coddle is absolutely freagin delicious! 

Here's how it's done.

*Before we fire up the spits, let's do a quick equipment, utility, and ingredient check to make sure we have everything we need to recreate this recipe exactly as you see in the video. If you are missing anything, just substitute it what you normally use when grilling outdoors or order what your missing from the links provided. 


 1 Carson Kit

 1 Power Supply (Can use the AC, this DC Supply, or 1 USB Cords With Power Strip)

 1 Weber Kettle

1 Medium Skewer For The Chuck Roast

1 Medium Skewer For The Green Beans Wrapped In Bacon

1 Tumbler Skewer For The Brazilian Cheese Balls

1 Small Skewer For The Crawfish 

1 Small Skewer For The Potatoes 

1 Medium Skewer For The Onions

 2 Round Stainless Cooking Pan (No 6oz Cup)

 2 Round Stainless Serving Pan (With 6oz Cup)

 1 Sharp Knife

 1 Pair Of Good Tongs 

 2 Small Cutting Boards

 1 Extra Small Serving Cutting Board

 1 Small Blender

 1 Heat Shields (Will Help A lot If Windy Or Cold Outside)

 1 Fire Source That Fits The Kit and can bake. I use The Roadcase

 1 Slim Jim Trash Can

 1 Slim Jim Charcoal Wood Can

 1 Umbrella, Tent, Or Some Sort Of Shelter Incase Of Weather

 2 Lights

 2 Tiki Lanterns

 1 Pair Of Barbecue Gloves

 1 Charcoal Shovel

 1 Carson Playing Card Bottle Opener 

 1 Plastic Squeeze Bottle 


 1 Bag Of Charcoal

 1 Roll Of Aluminum Foil

1 Lighter

1 Roll Of Paper Towels

 2 TIKI Refill Torches

1 Bottle Of Peroxide Spray (For Sanitation)

1 Box Of Plastic Gloves (For Prepping and Cleaning)

1 Can Of Mr. Muscle (For Cleaning At The End)

1 Heavy Duty Steal Wool (For Cleaning At The End)

1 Bottle Of Cutting Board Oil (Will Prolong The Life Of Your Boards)

 1 Trash Bag

 1 Yellow Towels

 1 Party Umbrella (For Decoration also known as Garnish)

Yield: 1 to 6  - 4oz Potatoes

 1 Skewer Of Garlic Top Sirloin (1 Cap) 

 6 oz Of Garlic 

 8 oz Of Olive Oil

 1 Bunch Of Fresh Chopped Parsley

1 Skewer Of Onions (3 Onions)

 1 Skewer Of Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

 1 Skewer Of Crawfish Tails or Shrimp

 1 oz Of Cajun Seasoning

 1 oz Of Fresh Cracked Pepper 

 1 Salt To Taste 

 1 tsp Of Beef Better Than Bouillon 

 1 Bottle Of Water 

 1 Bag Of Brazilian Cheese Balls



 2 Six Pack Of Guinness  

Do you have everything listed above and is all of it in fine fresh working order?

Yes - (Then proceed to getting your coddle on!)

No - (Either roll with what you got or wait until you're ready to rock.)


Step 1.) Fire up your fire source. I'm using The Kit for the grilling and The Roadcase for the baking In This Video.  

Step 2.) Prep Your Potato, Onion, Kielbasa, Bacon and Crawfish Skewers.

Step 3.) Cook your Onion, Potato, and Bacon Skewer For about 45 minutes first.

Step 4.) Then cook your Kielbasa for 10 minutes.

Step 5.) Then cook your crawfish for 5 minutes.

Step 6.) Preheat The Roadcase anywhere between 275 and 325 F.

Step 7.) In a round stainless Carson pan, start layering the ingredients: chopped onions, bacon, sausages crawfish, potatoes. Season each layer liberally with fresh-ground pepper and the chopped fresh parsley. Continue until the ingredients are used up.

Step 8.) Pour in bouillon mixture while over the fire, bring the liquid to a boil. Immediately take off heat and cover the pan with aluminum foil. 

Step 9.) Bake in the roadcase for 2 to 5 hours.

Step 10.) Enjoy With Guinness