This Monday Muenster Burger is so freagin delicious and here's how it's done.

*Before we fire everything up, let's do a quick equipment, utility, and ingredient check to make sure we have everything we need to recreate this recipe exactly as you see in the video. If you are missing anything, just substitute it with what you normally use when grilling outdoors or order what you're missing from the links provided. 


 1 Carson Kit ✈️

 1 Power Supply  ☀️

 1 Roadcase

1 Medium Skewer For The Corn and Burgers

 1 Sharp Knife

 1 Pair Of Good Tongs 

 1 Heat Shields (Will Help A lot If Windy Or Cold Outside)

 1 Slim Jim Trash Can

 1 Slim Jim Charcoal Wood Can

 1 Umbrella, Tent, Or Some Sort Of Shelter Incase Of Weather

 2 Outdoor Lights

 2 Tiki Lanterns


 1 Bag Of Charcoal

1 Lighter

1 Roll Of Paper Towels

 2 TIKI Refill Torches

1 Bottle Of Peroxide Spray (For Sanitation)

1 Box Of Plastic Gloves (For Prepping and Cleaning)


 4 1/2lb Burgers

 1 Truffle Shuffle To Taste




Do you have everything listed above and is all of it in fine fresh working order?

Yes - (Then proceed to getting your spin on!)

No - (Either roll with what you got or wait until you're 100% ready to rock.)



Step 1.) Fire up your fire source. I'm using The Carson Rodizio Roadcase for everything here. 

Step 2.) Clamp the corn and the burgers Tightly in The Basket Skewer.

Step 3.) Season with Kosher salt and butter while spinning on the rotisserie.

Step 4.) Spin over a hot fire for ~20 minutes for the burgers and ~40 for the corn.

Step 5.) Fix burger the way you like it. I like it like you see in the video.


Step 6.) Enjoy With Whiskey, Coke, and Lime


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