CRAFT #333333



Supermoon Beer is the official beer of Mixed Culinary Arts Battles, is The Charter Sponsor of Supermoon Fest, and consists of 100% Exclusive 1 of 1 NFT recipes also known as Non Fudgible Truth blends by coalescing 3 Primary Perspectives into 3 Secondary ones covering all possible complimentary and tertiary territories of finite fun.

The owner of this token means you literally own the Primary Flavor Yellow and allows you 1 full VIP access entry into Supermoon Fest, permanently happening forever.

You will also receive an exclusive 1 of 1 collectable signature craft blend six pack of all the possible flavors that you must personally pick up as you party with us underneath the 100% predictable Super Blood Wolf Moon Sun.

You will also receive an exclusive "SAIL AROUND THE SUN WITH US, WHILE WE COMBAT MENTAL DISEASE TOGETHER" Performance T-Shirt with your collector's six pack.

AND last but not least, you will receive the literal permanent hardware to this permanent intangible token of Truth too. Feel free to guard it with your soul way into the after life by promising you will put it in your living will that you and you alone will continue to control its precious power from the grave forever or you could sell it immediately when its received through free exchanges like EBAY and Facebook Marketplace.

Quick history on the Power of Primary colors which include yellow, red, and blue. Primary colors cannot be created from other colors. They are the creators of all other colors.

This means by owning this NFT you own the literal primary color yellow. Imagine a photon. Now cut that photon up into 3 zones. You own the yellow zone.

This 1 of 1 token is a permanent collectible that lives on the Ethereum blockchain forever.



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