The partners that helped give me my start passed away in a plane crash December 20, 2018. Try to imagine the most intense levels of grief flooding over you with that kind of news, then multiply it times 4.

In the midst of all that grief, on January 21, 2019 the entire world stopped what they were doing to look up to witness the perfect alignment of a Super Blood Moon eclipse and it brought me so much needed peace and solace. It reminded me how perfect life really is. Just getting to witness existence everyday we have left is all the blessing one needs, so I have since devoted the rest of my limited life towards pulling as many orbits as I can together to align to celebrate this one glorious 100% permanent event! 

This collection consists of 1,900, 100% Unique 1 of 1 NFT Tickets 

5% of this one of a kind collection is paid forward towards combating Mental Disease through The One World Family Foundation.

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