Set sail for Marina Cay, a serene and picturesque haven tucked behind a protective reef, offering a sheltered anchorage that's as peaceful as it is captivating. As your vessel cruises through the waters of Marina Cay, the northern end of Tortola and its surrounding smaller isles come into view, adorning the coastline like precious jewels in the sea’s embrace.


Mooring and Anchorage

Discover a handful of available moorings, providing secure grounds for a fee, ensuring a tranquil stay within these enchanting waters.

Adventures Beckon

Prepare to delve into the wonders both below and above the crystal-clear waters, where excellent snorkeling awaits behind the serene shores of Marina Cay. Venture ashore to the Pusser’s Company Store, a treasure trove offering an assortment of goods to enrich your island experience. Indulge in a hilltop dining experience at the Robb White House, the highest point on this petite island, treating yourself to a meal while absorbing the breathtaking panoramic views. And for those seeking adventure beneath the waves, Dive BVI stands ready to guide you on scuba diving excursions.

Facilities and Offerings

Marina Cay Marina is a hub of convenience, providing essential facilities such as fuel, ice, water, garbage disposal, laundry amenities, and refreshing showers.

Set your course for Marina Cay, where tranquility and natural beauty converge, promising an adventure that blends exploration and relaxation in this captivating corner of the world.