DAY 5: Cane Garden Bay

Embark on an exciting voyage around the northern expanse of Tortola, setting course for the enchanting Cane Garden Bay, a haven of diverse experiences that cater to every adventurer's desires. Rum enthusiasts can opt to start early, relishing a beachside lunch and immersing themselves in the captivating world of the Callwood Rum Distillery. Alternatively, beach lovers may choose to pause for a snorkel or a refreshing swim along the way.

As you approach Cane Garden Bay, two secluded stretches of sand, Sandy Spit and Sand Cay, beckon with their pristine beauty, offering a perfect spot for careful anchoring. These tiny islands, adorned with only a few swaying palm trees, invite you to swim or paddle ashore, providing an intimate island experience.

Cane Garden Bay Delights

Cane Garden Bay boasts ample mooring balls and a range of exceptional restaurants along its shores. Quito’s Gazebo awaits, offering a delectable beachside lunch menu and an indoor dining experience. As the sun dips below the horizon, live Reggae music fills the air, accompanying the breathtaking sunset and warm service. Keep an eye on the schedule to catch Quito himself playing! Right next door, Paradise Grill offers an iconic photo opportunity with swings in the sand, a declaration of love for the British Virgin Islands. Indulge further at Myett’s and Indigo, two more excellent havens for delectable dining and refreshing drinks.


Mooring and Discoveries

Plentiful moorings for a fee await, with excellent holding grounds, some available on a first-come, first-served basis or through BoatyBall. A public dinghy dock within the bay provides easy access to the shore.

Unraveling Adventures

Apart from swimming or basking in the serenity, the bay's vibrant beach bars and restaurants await your exploration. Enjoy a delightful variety of experiences—windsurfing, kayaking, or merely reclining in the cockpit. Beach crawling beckons as you meander from one delightful spot to another, sampling specialty rum drinks, relishing Caribbean delights such as pumpkin fritters and conch, all accompanied by live music and the enticing local 'jump-up' spirit. Quinto’s Gazebo, Big Banana Paradise Club, Rhymer’s Beach Bar and Restaurant, and Indigo House offer rich experiences for the adventurous soul. Delight in varied culinary and shopping experiences at Myett’s Garden & Grille Restaurant, De Wedding, and the Elm Bar and Gift Shop.

Venture on a sightseeing escapade that includes a trip to the renowned Callwood rum distillery, ensuring to seek permission before exploring the grounds and seizing the opportunity to acquire locally produced rum.

Facilities and Offerings

Multiple locations cater to your needs, offering ice, provisions, high-speed internet access, and a range of amenities to elevate your island adventure. Prepare to be captivated by the myriad experiences awaiting in the vibrant and welcoming Cane Garden Bay.