March 13, 2025

Depart From: The British Virgin Islands

Arrive At: The British Virgin Islands

March 20, 2025



In the heart of the boundless ocean, where adventure meets luxury, lies The Supermoon Fest Express Master Edition – an unparalleled voyage curated for the select few seeking a nautical escapade beyond compare.

Led by our esteemed captain and complemented by a world-class gourmet chef, this crewed charter promises an experience at sea that transcends the wildest dreams of most seafaring enthusiasts. Picture yourself aboard our grandest and most recent addition, the six-cabin Sail catamaran, tailored to host up to 8 guests in absolute opulence.

What distinguishes the Master Edition from the rest? Set sail and explore the exquisite differences awaiting you. Begin your journey on the starboard hull, where the spacious aft Master suite boasts an expansiveness beyond compare. Delight in an en-suite bathroom that exudes luxury, complete with dual sinks and an indulgent enclosed shower. Meanwhile, the forward cabin invites you to wake to stunning panoramic views through a specially designed placement of the double bed, offering a breathtaking vista every morning. Adjacent, the en-suite bath with a single sink and a separate shower beckons for rejuvenation. On the port hull, discover another en-suite cabin, ensuring comfort and privacy.

On the main deck, revel in the luxury of two more en-suite cabins, each adorned with doors opening to the covered outdoor forward cockpit. The stylish, air-conditioned interior provides a plethora of amenities. The saloon exudes elegance with plush wraparound seating, a grand dining table, and an entertainment center equipped with an HDTV and audio system wired to speakers throughout the yacht. Stepping outside, the expansive aft cockpit presents a picturesque outdoor dining space next to a hydraulic dinghy platform.

Ascend to the flybridge, a realm offering a breathtaking panoramic view of your surroundings. Here, stylish lounge seating, a table, wet bar, and grill await your indulgence. Envision a moment of pure bliss—savoring freshly grilled hors d'oeuvres, sipping on exquisite wine, all while the radiant orange sun bids adieu to the horizon.

Cease your imaginings and seize the opportunity to bring this grand adventure to life. The Supermoon Fest Express Master Edition beckons, inviting you to craft your next holiday, a spectacular and exclusive sojourn on the high seas.





Amidst the enchanting Leeward Islands, the British Virgin Islands stand as a mesmerizing tapestry woven from the hues of aquamarine waters, sun-drenched harbors, and powdery white-sand beaches. This cluster of more than 50 unspoiled islands offers distinct ports of call, each a gem waiting to be discovered within the embrace of the BVI.

Here, discard the constraints of a to-do list and embrace the spontaneity of each day. Allow chance to lead your adventure, beckoning you to search for playful turtles along the shores or find yourself entranced by the panoramic views from a hilltop bar. Engage all your senses in the splendor of breathtaking landscapes, tantalizing cuisine, and the luxurious touch of soft sandy beaches on an extraordinary BVI yacht charter. From the sprawling majesty of the beaches to the quaint charm of the small villages, each corner presents a unique reason compelling enough to draw you back for yet another voyage.

Similar to our other breathtaking Caribbean destinations in St. Martin, St. Lucia, and Grenada, a BVI yacht charter offers the promise of splendid weather, crystalline turquoise waters, vibrant cultures, and the perfect conditions for world-class sailing adventures. Let the allure of this haven captivate you as you craft your very own BVI yacht charter quote today, setting course for an unparalleled vacation—a journey that promises to etch timeless memories upon the canvas of your life.

Tortola Supermoon Fest Express – 7 Day Itinerary



Set forth on a voyage through the stunning British Virgin Islands where the itinerary is as boundless as your imagination. This is your adventure, your realm to explore. The cruising grounds unfurl a canvas of countless possibilities, dictated by the wind that guides your vessel. Drop anchor at a secluded anchorage or snag a mooring, immersing yourself in hours of snorkeling, swimming, beachcombing, or simply basking under the tropical sun.

DAY 1: Cooper Island

Embrace the first leg of your journey at Cooper Island, a mere 6 nautical miles away from The Moorings base at Road Town. Nestled within Manchioneel Bay, this beautiful island invites you to a haven of activities. Onshore, the allure of Cooper Island Beach Club beckons—a charming small resort boasting a restaurant, a rum bar, a coffee shop, a boutique, and an inviting outdoor lounge area. Positioned to face the west, this is the perfect spot to sip on a cocktail while relishing a mesmerizing Caribbean sunset.

The bay’s tranquil waters and sandy shores create an ideal playground for water sports, while Cistern Point nearby promises excellent snorkeling and the chance to observe graceful turtles.

Mooring and Activities

Although anchoring in Manchioneel Bay isn't recommended due to unstable holding grounds, plentiful moorings are available for a fee. Early arrival is key, as mooring balls are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. They can also be booked in advance through starting at 7 am on a given morning.

For docking, tie up your dinghy on the jetties adjacent to the Cooper Island Beach Club.

Explore the charms of Cooper Island with its inviting swimming beach and array of water sports. Indulge in a delightful meal at the Cooper Island Beach Club or peruse the Seagrape Boutique. Scuba enthusiasts will find their haven at Sail Caribbean Divers, offering dive excursions suitable for all levels of expertise. Of special intrigue are the dives exploring the HMS Rhone, a mail steamer sunk off the west end of nearby Salt Island during a hurricane in 1867.

Embark on this first step of your thrilling island-hopping adventure, letting the beauty and adventures of the British Virgin Islands unfold before you.

BVI Cruising Itinerary

Virgin Gorda Island


Embark on an exhilarating voyage towards the legendary island of Virgin Gorda, renowned for the awe-inspiring Baths that remain as pristine and enchanting as ever. Traverse the famous pathway winding through colossal boulders leading to Devil’s Bay—an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Atop the Baths, the Top of the Baths Restaurant awaits, offering delectable meals amidst panoramic views that paint the skies with splendor. Nearby, the marina at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor stands ready to cater to your needs, providing Wi-Fi, fuel, water, and ice. Radio ahead to secure a slip on the dock or opt for a mooring ball just outside the harbor, accessing the marina via dinghy. A short walk leads to the convenience of a grocery store, while a selection of open restaurants, like the brand-new Snapper’s Bar & Grill and the inviting Coco Maya, are accessible either by dinghy or taxi, the latter a mere 10-minute stroll from Spanish Town. Settle in at Coco Maya—a haven where you can unwind with a refreshing cocktail and a sumptuous meal.

Mooring and Explorations

To ensure safety, it’s advisable to call and reserve a slip at the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor. However, moorings outside the marina in Spanish Town offer an alternative, providing an avenue for a splendid experience.

Adventure Awaits

The Baths stand as the major highlight of Virgin Gorda, a wonderland where you can wander through the tunnels, pools, and mystical caves hidden within the rock formations.

Facilities and Amenities

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour offers a range of amenities including slips, ice, garbage disposal, and provisions easily accessible in town. Prepare to immerse yourself in an adventure brimming with natural wonders and unparalleled experiences in this mesmerizing corner of the British Virgin Islands.

BVI Cruising Itinerary

Anegada Island

Embark on a thrilling journey to Anegada, a treasure trove nestled in the heart of natural wonders and warm island hospitality. Experience the thrill of the unknown—whether by taxi, scooter, or other mode of exploration—headed towards Cow Wreck Beach Bar, where the locals welcome you with open arms and the world-class beaches stand ready to captivate your senses. Don’t overlook the charming nearby gift shops, offering a slice of island life to take back as a cherished memory. Make your way to the beautiful Loblolly Bay, a haven for exceptional snorkeling, and don’t miss a pit stop at Big Bamboo for a tantalizing cocktail or snack.

Delightful Encounters

As the sun begins its descent, savor a delightful dinner ashore at renowned spots like Anegada Reef Hotel, Potter’s by the Sea, or Wonky Dog, each offering the famous Anegada lobster that's sure to tantalize your taste buds. The Anegada Reef Hotel stands ready to assist in organizing taxi transportation, ensuring you make the most of your time on this captivating island.

Mooring and Explorations

Discover moorings available for a fee in the inner harbor, featuring a first-come, first-served system or access through BoatyBall. For anchorage, both the inner and outer harbors provide excellent holding grounds.

Ventures Awaiting

Dive deeper into the allure of Anegada by renting a car, bicycle, or scooter from one of the local companies, or simply hop in a taxicab to explore the island’s wonders. The north shore’s Loblolly Bay beckons with its breathtaking snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities, while the beautiful beaches at Bones Bight and Cow Wreck await your footsteps. Delve into the beloved activity of fishing along the flats extending eastward from Setting Point—private charters with guides are readily available. And no visit to Anegada is complete without savoring the locally caught lobster, a treat offered at spots like Potter’s by the Sea, Anegada Reef Hotel, and Wonky Dog.

Facilities and Offerings

Anegada provides an array of amenities—from ice, provisions, phones, to internet access. Fun in the Sun Market stands open for basic necessities, while ice is easily accessible at Li’l Bits store or the Anegada Reef Hotel. Cash is often preferred as not all businesses accept credit cards, so plan accordingly and ensure dinner reservations are secured in advance.

Prepare to be swept away by the charm and adventure that await on the captivating island of Anegada.

BVI Cruising Itinerary

Marina Cay

Set sail for Marina Cay, a serene and picturesque haven tucked behind a protective reef, offering a sheltered anchorage that's as peaceful as it is captivating. As your vessel cruises through the waters of Marina Cay, the northern end of Tortola and its surrounding smaller isles come into view, adorning the coastline like precious jewels in the sea’s embrace.

Mooring and Anchorage

Discover a handful of available moorings, providing secure grounds for a fee, ensuring a tranquil stay within these enchanting waters.

Adventures Beckon

Prepare to delve into the wonders both below and above the crystal-clear waters, where excellent snorkeling awaits behind the serene shores of Marina Cay. Venture ashore to the Pusser’s Company Store, a treasure trove offering an assortment of goods to enrich your island experience. Indulge in a hilltop dining experience at the Robb White House, the highest point on this petite island, treating yourself to a meal while absorbing the breathtaking panoramic views. And for those seeking adventure beneath the waves, Dive BVI stands ready to guide you on scuba diving excursions.

Facilities and Offerings

Marina Cay Marina is a hub of convenience, providing essential facilities such as fuel, ice, water, garbage disposal, laundry amenities, and refreshing showers.

Set your course for Marina Cay, where tranquility and natural beauty converge, promising an adventure that blends exploration and relaxation in this captivating corner of the world.

BVI Cruising Itinerary

Cane Garden Bay

Embark on an exciting voyage around the northern expanse of Tortola, setting course for the enchanting Cane Garden Bay, a haven of diverse experiences that cater to every adventurer's desires. Rum enthusiasts can opt to start early, relishing a beachside lunch and immersing themselves in the captivating world of the Callwood Rum Distillery. Alternatively, beach lovers may choose to pause for a snorkel or a refreshing swim along the way.

As you approach Cane Garden Bay, two secluded stretches of sand, Sandy Spit and Sand Cay, beckon with their pristine beauty, offering a perfect spot for careful anchoring. These tiny islands, adorned with only a few swaying palm trees, invite you to swim or paddle ashore, providing an intimate island experience.

Cane Garden Bay Delights

Cane Garden Bay boasts ample mooring balls and a range of exceptional restaurants along its shores. Quito’s Gazebo awaits, offering a delectable beachside lunch menu and an indoor dining experience. As the sun dips below the horizon, live Reggae music fills the air, accompanying the breathtaking sunset and warm service. Keep an eye on the schedule to catch Quito himself playing! Right next door, Paradise Grill offers an iconic photo opportunity with swings in the sand, a declaration of love for the British Virgin Islands. Indulge further at Myett’s and Indigo, two more excellent havens for delectable dining and refreshing drinks.

Mooring and Discoveries

Plentiful moorings for a fee await, with excellent holding grounds, some available on a first-come, first-served basis or through BoatyBall. A public dinghy dock within the bay provides easy access to the shore.

Unraveling Adventures

Apart from swimming or basking in the serenity, the bay's vibrant beach bars and restaurants await your exploration. Enjoy a delightful variety of experiences—windsurfing, kayaking, or merely reclining in the cockpit. Beach crawling beckons as you meander from one delightful spot to another, sampling specialty rum drinks, relishing Caribbean delights such as pumpkin fritters and conch, all accompanied by live music and the enticing local 'jump-up' spirit. Quinto’s Gazebo, Big Banana Paradise Club, Rhymer’s Beach Bar and Restaurant, and Indigo House offer rich experiences for the adventurous soul. Delight in varied culinary and shopping experiences at Myett’s Garden & Grille Restaurant, De Wedding, and the Elm Bar and Gift Shop.

Venture on a sightseeing escapade that includes a trip to the renowned Callwood rum distillery, ensuring to seek permission before exploring the grounds and seizing the opportunity to acquire locally produced rum.

Facilities and Offerings

Multiple locations cater to your needs, offering ice, provisions, high-speed internet access, and a range of amenities to elevate your island adventure. Prepare to be captivated by the myriad experiences awaiting in the vibrant and welcoming Cane Garden Bay.

BVI Cruising Itinerary

Great Harbour

Just to the north and west of Tortola, the heights of Jost Van Dyke rise majestically from a turquoise sea. With a population of a little more than 200, the island’s character is distinctly rural. No British Virgin Islands vacation is complete without a visit to Jost Van Dyke, which harbors some of our favorite seaside establishments.

Great Harbour is an excellent overnight anchorage and is home to the famous Foxy’s Tamarind Bar & Restaurant. Foxy’s boutique is open and stocked with souvenirs. A short walk from Foxy’s is Cool Breeze cafe, offering Wi-Fi along with breakfast and lunch. Further down the beach, Corsair’s offers a full menu throughout the day.

White Bay, just a short cruise from Great Harbour, is a popular day anchorage offering a beautiful beach and snorkeling along the reef. A wide selection of restaurants and bars line the beach, including the famous Soggy Dollar Bar, Hendo’s Hideout, Gertrude’s, Seddy’s One Love, and more.


A number of moorings are available for a fee. Holding ground is good. The anchorage can get crowded, so be sure you have plenty of swinging room. FCFS (first come, first served) moorings and BoatyBall are available.

Dinghy dockage: Dinghy dockage is available.

Things to do

A BVI charter wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Foxy’s, one of the more famous restaurants in the Caribbean. It’s located on the eastern end of the beach and has built a reputation in the last 40 years as a hugely popular party Mecca for world cruisers. The casual ambience and friendly staff certainly contributes to its appeal, but the other patrons, many taking a short breather from long ocean passages, are also part of the attraction.

A short hop to the west is White Bay, home to the Soggy Dollar Bar, so named for the yachties who swim to it from their boats, soaking their dollar notes!


Water, fuel and ice are available at the main dock in Great Harbour. Provisions are not available at this time.

BVI Cruising Itinerary

The Bight

Norman Island, with its popular anchorage “The Bight”, lies on the east side of Flanagan Passage with St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands just across from it to the west. Hilly, scenic, and popular for its superior snorkeling locations, Norman Island is a highly-recommended stop on any BVI charter.

Enjoy drinks and dining at Pirate’s Bight Restaurant, serving appetizers, salads, entrees and cocktails including Pirate’s “Irma Punch”. There are plenty of mooring balls available here, and you can enjoy snorkeling at both The Indians and The Caves.


Moorings for a fee are plentiful. Anchoring in the northeast or southeast portion of The Bight outside the mooring fields is possible, but it’s easier to just pick up a mooring to avoid worries about swinging room or dragging anchor.

Dinghy dockage: Dinghy dockage is available at the Pirates Bight restaurant and bar.

Things to do

The caves at Treasure Point are a very special snorkeling location. You can swim inside the flooded indentations in the island with an underwater flashlight and observe teeming sea life in the shallow water. Just above the surface, the interior walls of the caves shimmer in purple and rust colored orange. Nearby Pelican Island and The Indians is another major BVI snorkeling and scuba diving location.

You can also visit the legendary floating bar and restaurant, Willy T for a delightful lunch and amazing views. Enjoy a laid-back experience during the day, or an upbeat party scene at night.

BVI Cruising Itinerary
Month °F Max °F Min °C Max °C Min Avg. #Wet Days Avg. Wind Speed
January  83  75 28 24 3 NE 15-25 kts
February  83 75  28 14 2 E 15-25 kts
March  83  75 28 24 2 E 15-25 kts
April  84  77 29 25 3 E 15-25 kts
May  86 78 30 26 4 SE 15-20 kts
June  88 80 31 27 3 SE 15-20 kts
July  88  80 31 27 3 SE 15-20 kts
August  88 80  31 27 5 SE 15-20 kts
September  88  80 31 27 5 SE 5-15 kts
October  87  80 31 27 4 SE 5-15 kts
November  85  78 29 26 5 NE 5-20 kts
December  83  76  28 24 4 NE 15-25 kts