My name is Chef Aubrey Blake Carson, and I design goosebump-giving good times.

After creating what Forbes Magazine calls the coolest grill ever, shortly thereafter, I had it all ripped out from under me by the highest-paid patent troll in Dallas, TX.

Then, after being sequestered away with no one being able to tell me why, I met a man who showed me a better way, leading me through the deepest, darkest abyss of cursed corporate corruption to create the greatest innovation in professional food service, according to the culinary director of Disney.

Since these insane experiences, I've gone on to play an instrumental role in catering impossible-to-replicate and even harder-to-forget events for friends, family, clients, all across the planet with my one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, goosebump-giving good-time machines in just about every city in North America and 70 countries all around the world and counting.

After soaring just above the pinnacle of success, my life's trajectory took a tragic inverted nose dive on December 20, 2018, when I received the news that the plane carrying my three friends who gave me my start had just crashed in a football field just North of Atlanta, killing them instantly.

No words can express what it felt like being hit with that level of intense grief, losing not one, not two, but three immediately, permanently, irrevocably gone forever in one fell swoop.

You cannot unblow a bubble; there is no replacing them. It no doubt left an unfillable crater in my soul. Then, just one month later, while bathing in that bereavement, on January 19, 2019, a perfectly aligned Sun, Earth, Super Lunar Eclipse lit up the night sky, reminding me of a very important message I once received from my favorite director and friend, Tom Shadyac, and that's, "Life is perfect, death is part of it, now what are you going to do with what you've just witnessed?"

I'm yanking anchor from Graceland, Tennessee, and relocating my life down to the British Virgin Islands on a mental illness prevention mission to raise $1,728,000 for Tom's One Family Mission Foundation in lasting memory of my deceased buddies' never-ending zest for life.

After spending 8 days island-hopping with your first mate's cold drink with hot Brazilian Barbecue in hand, you will come out of that new, fresh, life-altering experience a richer, more grateful-to-be-alive human being, no matter what level of grief you are carrying around town, weighing you down right now.

The $1.7 million we are setting out to raise, cruising for a cause, will be reinvested in the inner-city youth of Memphis, allowing our disenfranchised children to get out of the crime-ridden neighborhoods they've always known to go climb mountains in Colorado, helping them overcome all of life's hurt back home as our specific, unique, beautiful example.

If you have been through hell and have lived to tell the tale, let's go sailing and talk about it over an 8-day $80K all-inclusive, all-expenses, worry-free paid-for trip with 8 of your most top-of-mind mates.

Imagine receiving this email from someone who sincerely loves you. Someone who wants to take this opportunity to share in something extremely special with you before the time here together is done and cannot be undone.

"Drop what you are doing. Book your flight right now to the British Virgin Islands on me. Come spend 8 days with 7 other gorgeous people cruising the Caribbean in 4 luxury cabins on our private Leopard 58 Big Cat Catamaran. We will eat the best food, drink the best drinks, soak in the best sunsets as we island-hop through humpback whale land, exploring underwater caves, scuba diving with sea turtles, snorkeling with clownfish, partying with the natives as we jump from pirate ships, all while holding on to this magic we call life together."

We are setting out to complete 216 Supermoon Cruises over the course of about 12 years as we can realistically only fulfill maybe 20 cruises for 160 Very Important Passengers a year. So $8,000 of the Fixed $80K Supermoon Cruise Budget will be donated to The One Family Memphis immediately after each of the 216 cruises have been successfully fulfilled, completing our $1.728 million dollar promise to help boost the morale of the disenfranchised youth of Memphis.

If this excites you on a real level, you know you want to be a gorgeous pixel in this picture with us. Think of 8 amazing people you would like to give arguably one of the coolest gifts to: an 8-day, 7-night, all-inclusive, all-expenses-paid trip in advance, hosted by you, the host with the most, before it's time for all of us to cross that sacred, great divide by design. So let's align orbits now.

"Unite the cabins. Let's go sailing."


Chef Aubrey Blake Carson