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All roads to the other side of barbecue lead through the kit. The Kit is a multi-turbotisserie, that's right, that converts your favorite conventional grill into an open and spinning Brazilian style steakhouse churrascada.


They say it takes a village to raise a child. 

It also takes All Corners of the planet to raise a Carson Kit from the ground and safely distribute it to your door.

In short with the world in its current chaotic state, it has taken roughly 6 times longer to get all parts needed from suppliers to our Mother Ship Tomasi in Caxias do Sol, Brazil. 

The most important component we depend on from outside sources is the Custom-built beefed-up city bus windshield wiper rotisserie motor from our trusted supplier in China. Typically, they are able to turn around the motors for us relatively fast, but this year it’s been an absolute struggle and there’s really been nothing we can do to rush the process other than just wait our turn until they can finally get them to us. Motors were ordered months ago and now we have finally received word that they have officially made it out of Chinese customs where they will then have to make about another 45 day 13,000 mile boat ride around the world to Brazil still. 

Once they arrive, we pray that Brazilian customs will let them right through with no hiccups, however it most likely will be another 10 more days for them to clear Brazilian customs. We’re expecting the worst and hoping for the best here as always though. 

As soon as they are given clearance, it will take about another 5 days from the port to be trucked inland to the factory where the kit bodies are waiting patiently for the motors to be safely transplanted into them. 

Once all completed kits have been individually QC’d they will then be crated-up and FedExed from Caxias to Memphis which we’re anticipating another ~45 days to complete this mission critical piece of the process. 

Finally when they land in Memphis, I personally pick them up, immediately slap their final destination shipping labels on them and get them back to FedEx as fast as possible. 

Some are going to Europe, some are going to Asia, but most are going somewhere in North America so depending on where you are in the world, 7-10 more days of patience will be needed to until we all can finally LIGHT SOME FIRES AND ROTATE SOME SKEWERS TOGETHER IN COMPLETED MISSION CELEBRATION! 

In summary:

~45 more days from China to Brazil


~10 days to clear Brazilian Customs


~5 days to transport to the factory

~35 days to assemble in Brazil 


~10 days to Fedex to Memphis


~10 days to reach their final player destination, you. 


Conservatively we're looking at another ~115 days until I will be able to finally fulfill your order. 

So 4 more months of gracious player patience places the Final ETA to circle the globe to reach you by the end of February, barring no more freagin COVID hold up hiccups. 

Given this big inconvenient news we're all having to absorb together, I will be including a few free gift items with your Kit as a thank you for being so supportive of the revolution. 

  1. A Certificate of Title will be printed on High Gloss HD Aluminum. 
  2. A Free Copy of Tom Shadyac's Book, "Life's Operating Manual." (Tom is the movie Director that directed hits like Ace Ventura, Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty, and Patch Adams and was one of the biggest inspirations behind the original creation of the kit.)
  3. A Free Medium Skewer. 

Feel free to print out your Title and use it as proof of official player locked in purchase for Christmas if this was supposed to be a gift for a special someone. 


I will be taking the next 4 months while we all wait, to produce as many delicious Rodizio Recipes as I can personally pump out, so you will have a good number of tasty songs to recreate on your end for when your kit finally arrives. (See attached screenshot as an example of what's in the works!) 



World Rodizio Revolution Is Coming.

World Rodizio Revolution Is Coming.

Keep Spinning! 


Comes With:

4 - adjustable medium skewers

2 - adjustable small skewers

1 - 5v 4amp AC Power Adapter.

(The old AC Adapter with speed control has been discontinued.) 

Product Dimensions:

13"W x 15"T x 18"- 24"L

Shipping Weight:

45 pounds



ETA on Delivery:

Next shipment of kits are schedule to arrive in Memphis from Brazil around late November. As soon as they land I will immediately turn them around and ship each order out immediately. Given the unknowns with international freight and COVID, I would anticipate your order arriving to you door sometime before Christmas. Stand by. We got you coming World Rodizio Dream Team! 


Designed in Memphis, TN, Built in Caxias do Sul, Brazil



Designed to convert any grill that can fit a 13"W x 15"T x 18"-24"L frame and produce enough flame into a Brazilian style steakhouse grill

Increases your current grill's cooking capacity to 3,510 - 4,680 cubic inches of cooking volume

6 adjustable stainless steel skewers with aluminum heat protecting handles

2 fully automated cooking levels with searing shelves

A third top shelf for resting and roasting

Commercial grade high heat insulated wiring

80W City bus windshield wiper motor driving the spits that can easily spin as much as 30+ pounds

Restaurant grade 100% Stainless Steel construction



The Carson Kit is a grilling instrument built to improve your grilling groove. We mean that figuratively and literally.  



The Carson Rodizio Brazilian BBQ Rotisserie Kit Fits Almost Every Grill On The Market

Just because the kit can fit all 6 applications, it is not necessary to have all 6. All you need is one to get things spinning. Though if you do have all 6 of them then out-freakin-standing!

At the end of the day, all you need is a good piece of grilling equipment or some loose brick or rocks will even do to make a nice camp fire. Set the Carson Kit over it, light it up, and let the physics of the rodizio grilling technique do the rest.


The Rodizio style of grilling takes advantage of gravity. It does not try to fight against it or try to trap moisture by searing in juices as fast as it can. When racing against the gravity drying out clock, gravity will win every time. Conventional grilling trains us to keep meat still and covered. It doesn't matter how well a lid can trap heat in, gravity will always dry stationary meat out. Conversely, rodizio grilling utilizes a constant rotating method which keeps the juices circling and basting the food. That’s why there is no need for a drip pan when grilling or barbecuing with a Carson Kit.

Rodizio takes a lot of the guess work and scientific stress out of grilling. Conventional grilling is similar to baking in that you have a small window of time and specific temperature rules. However, the Rodizio style is way more forgiving and the juices stay basting your food as long as it keeps spinning. Heck, you're not in the kitchen baking cookies...YOU'RE GRILLIN' BABY! So with its more forgiving grilling times, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your company.

Rodizio allows you to cook large cuts of meat fast and/or hold proteins at perfect temps for extended periods of time. For example, The Carson Kit can cook 30+ lbs (5 lbs per skewer) of the most delicious top sirloin in the world and be ready to carve table side right off the fire kissed skewers to a mid-rare temp in under 30 minutes. AND what you're not ready to eat can be placed back on to the kit to keep spinning until your audience is ready for more! That's a real powerful difference of the Rodizio cooking physics.

Here's a visual example of a Gorgonzola Sirloin Recipe.

Imagine 6 of those 5 pounds skewers prepped cooked and served in under 30 minutes. 

Even though it has a high cooking capacity, it’s just as easy to cook dinner for two. It is a grilling instrument after all; you can play it loud or play it as soft as you like. 

World Rodizio Revolution is coming! Keep up with us on Facebook, twitter and our website for recipe ideas and inspiration. We encourage you to track our story while you help us put your spin on it as well!


"Yeah, but how do you control the heat when the lid is always up?"

You control the heat just like you control the heat of a camp fire. You put coal or wood on as needed. Other than that with Rodizio it is not necessary to control the heat. Anytime you are using your current grill with the lid up then your are technically turning kamado, gas, charcoal grill etc. into a campfire cooker which is all you need when grilling with a rotisserie!

"What about flare ups?"

Flare ups are mostly a fear when you keep your meat stationary over a fire. If the meat is constantly spinning its an entirely different story when your meat is evenly cooking and barrel rolling through the flame. Here's a Parmesan Pork Tenderloin recipe to help explain: 

Notice at the 45 second mark. You actually want the excess fat to roll off into the fire. That's where you get the fire kiss jump that leaps up and slaps the meat as it rotates. If I were to turn the spits off, gravity would kick in and you would end up with a grease fire like so!

So yes your are correct in your fear when thinking of a stationary piece of meat, however Rodizio means wheel or to rotate consistently in Portuguese though therefore there's nothing to be freaked out about. Also notice how the ease of skewering and ease of carving is completely different from how you would skewer a conventional one bar rotisserie cumbersome set up. That tenderloin could have been marinating a lot longer then was in the video but its not necessary because the rotisserie technique exponentially self bastes and self saturates the meat while its cooking. The idea of control shifts majorly when thinking Rodizio style. Its not really necessary to control the heat other than you want a hot fire. The control benefits comes in when you have more control on when you actually want to serve the meat you're cooking not the grill telling you when its time to eat. As you will find, this a big help when having to deal with the one thing you're never going to be able to control, human punctuality! or lack there of. 

So basically the Carson Rodizio kit simply allows YOU the griller more freedom to dictate when YOU want to serve your meat not the other way around. 


I could skewer up 1 pork tenderloin or is many as 12 pork tenderloins like in the recipe video above and have all 12 tenderloins ready to serve in less than 30 minutes. Or I could move all the pork up a level, some resting on the third tier others rotating on the second tier and serve that same batch of pork one or two hours later and it will still arguably be one of the best pieces of pork you've every put in you mouth. People pay me as much as $50+ a head to taste what's coming off my grills on the Carson Catering side of things. See more Carson Rodizio Catering Pics here




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