The conversation stimulation station aka the self-proclaimed coolest piece of culinary portable kitchen equipment ever custom tailored to produce as many as 750 Chicken wings in one cook! 

Comes With:

1 - Large Teak/Stainless Cutting Board

2 - Small Teak/Stainless Cutting Boards

5 - 28" Buffet Spacing Bars

4 - Cutting Board Hooks

4 - Heavy Duty Handles

4 - 6" Treaded Casters with Brakes

2 -  Arm Bracket

3 - Umbrella Bracket

2 - Carson Kits

2 - Pocket Juice Power Banks

1 - Spice Rack

2 - Side Shovel Racks

50 - Medium Skewers

2 - 2/3 6in Deep Charcoal Pans

4 - 1/3 4in Deep Pans

1 - Tapping Drill Bit

1 -  Bolt Drive Bit

Product Dimensions:

30"W x 60"T x 30"L

Shipping Weight:

400 pounds

Shipping | ETA on Delivery:

Everything is built straight to order from our factory floor in Caxias do Sul, Brazil therefore the ETA on Delivery depends on the size of your order, how long it will take our factory to custom build your order, then for Fedex to deliver your order to you door anywhere Fedex Flies World Wide.  

Typically that can be 2 to 8 weeks. 2 Weeks if we have what you need already in stock ready to ship!


Designed in Memphis, TN, Built in Caxias do Sul, Brazil




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