For those that would like to make a gorgeous presentation of there meat, fruits, and veggies by being able to rest up to 4 loaded skewers upright at one time.

Product Dimensions:

8.5"W x 3"T x 8.5"L

Shipping Weight:

4 pounds

Shipping | ETA on Delivery:

Everything is built straight to order from our factory floor in Caxias do Sul, Brazil therefore the ETA on Delivery depends on the size of your order, how long it will take our factory to custom build your order, then for Fedex to deliver your order to you door anywhere Fedex Flies World Wide.  

Typically that can be 2 to 8 weeks. 2 Weeks if we have what you need already in stock ready to ship!


Designed in Memphis, TN, Built in Caxias do Sul, Brazil



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